Open to all attendees, the DHSI Colloquium offers an opportunity to present research and projects within an engaging, collegial atmosphere.

Submissions are peer-reviewed, with participants subsequently invited to contribute to proceedings published in an open-access journal. Digital Humanities Quarterly will be the venue for DHSI 2014 Colloquium papers.

Presentations take the form of brief, high-impact demonstrations and presentations. This reflects and facilitates the diverse, dynamic, and exciting research that continues to spur the growth of the DHSI community. The Colloquium welcomes presentations by individuals and teams of collaborators.


The DHSI Colloquium was founded by Diane Jakacki in 2009. It was a graduate-only event until 2011, when it was expanded to include scholars of all levels. Diane stepped down in October 2013, and was succeeded by James O’Sullivan and Mary Galvin. 2014 saw the implementation of a poster session, as well as the Colloquium’s first special issue, published in Digital Humanities Quarterly. Lindsey Seatter was appointed as the event’s Program Assistant in 2015. At the close of DHSI 2016, it was announced that Galvin had taken the decision to step down from her position after three successful years at the helm; she was replaced by Seatter.

About DHSI

The Digital Humanities Summer Institute at the University of Victoria provides an ideal environment for discussing and learning about new computing technologies, and how they are influencing the work of those in the Arts, Humanities, and Library communities. The Institute incorporates intensive coursework, seminar participation, and lectures. During DHSI, we share ideas and methods, and develop expertise in applying advanced technologies to our teaching, research, dissemination, and preservation. For more information see www.dhsi.org.